New Digital Re-Releases

A selection of long out of print releases from some of our artists are now available via iTunes and cdbaby [mp3 & flac downloads].
These include classics like Red Hook Project's "Paul's Pal (Peace)", Small World's "Livin' Free", Second Crusade's "May The Funk Be With You" and The Katzenjammers "Cars".
Head over to releases for more details, or follow the links in our shop where plenty of our other releases are still available on vinyl.

RH012 Butch Cassidy
RH011 Butch Cassidy
RH009 Ralph Lundsten
RH008 Pablo
RH007 Small World
RH006 Katzenjammers
RH005 Butch Cassidy
RH004 Pablo
RH003 Pablo
RH002 Butch Cassidy
RH001 Various
RHLP001 J-Zone
Artist : Butch Cassidy Sound System
Title : Echo Tone Defeat sampler
Format - limited 12 inch

4 track sampler from the forthcoming Butch Cassidy album.
Available soon via our online shop.

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