RHD18 Paul Hunter - Red Hook Project
RHD17 Dual Tone - Reign Dub EP
RHD16 Small World - Livin' Free
RHD15 Brother Of Soul - Only EP
RHD14 Second Crusade - May The Funk Be With You
RH012 Butch Cassidy Sound System - Echo Tone Defeat Sampler 12"
RH011 Butch Cassidy Sound System - Radioactive 7"
RH009 Ralph Lundsten / Phono Jack - Horrorscope 12"
RH008 Pablo - Sing 12"
RH007 Small World - I Believe 12"
RH006 Katzenjammers - Cars 7"
RH005 Butch Cassidy Sound System - Burning Sun 7"
RH004 Pablo - Cissy Strut 7"
RH003 Pablo - Story Of Sampling 12"
RH002 Butch Cassidy Sound System - Brothers And Sisters 12"
RH001 Various - Red Hook Sampler 12"
RHLP001 J-Zone - Music For Tu Madre CD/LP
Pablo : Sing
Format : 12" & Pablo

Fairchild (live at the lab)  
Record Shop  

Press Release


Since releasing his classics "Story Of Sampling" and "Cissy Strut" on Red Hook, Pablo (aka Michael Hunter) has released
an LP under the alias Butch Cassidy Sound System. He also wrote and produced the theme tune and incidental music for
Rockstars' "Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas".

The first of many forthcoming releases on Red Hook by Pablo, this 3 track 12" is a taster from his eagerly awaited LP/CD
"Get Some Of This", released later this year.

Side 1 : "Sing" is a catchy vocal upbeat multi-layered breaks track, with a Whitfield era Motown psychedelic sound.
Side 2 : "Fairchild (live at the lab)" is a heavy funk track with drum breakdowns directed straight at the dancefloor.
             "Record Shop" is a cut-up hip hop track describing a day in the life of Pablo.