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RHD18 Paul Hunter - Red Hook Project
RHD17 Dual Tone - Reign Dub EP
RHD16 Small World - Livin' Free
RHD15 Brother Of Soul - Only EP
RHD14 Second Crusade - May The Funk Be With You
RH012 Butch Cassidy Sound System - Echo Tone Defeat Sampler 12"
RH011 Butch Cassidy Sound System - Radioactive 7"
RH009 Ralph Lundsten / Phono Jack - Horrorscope 12"
RH008 Pablo - Sing 12"
RH007 Small World - I Believe 12"
RH006 Katzenjammers - Cars 7"
RH005 Butch Cassidy Sound System - Burning Sun 7"
RH004 Pablo - Cissy Strut 7"
RH003 Pablo - Story Of Sampling 12"
RH002 Butch Cassidy Sound System - Brothers And Sisters 12"
RH001 Various - Red Hook Sampler 12"
RHLP001 J-Zone - Music For Tu Madre CD/LP
J-Zone : Music For Tu Madre
Format : Double LP

FM Blues
Who Is J-Zone?
The Zone Mission  
So Pretty (featuring Al-Shid)
Candy Razors (featuring Huggy Bear, Kobayashi, Trip)  
I'm Lonely
Kizzy's Revenge (featuring Los)
5 Years? (Prelude)
5 Years?  
S.H.I.D. (featuring Al-Shid)
Catch 22 (featuring Huggy Bear)  
Smoke Theory
Inaugration Day
Calamine Lotion
Candy Razors (instrumental)
S.H.I.D. (instrumental)
Kizzy's Revenge (instrumental)
Catch 22 (instrumental)